Unfortunately, legal fees tend to be very expensive, reflecting the training which lawyers, particularly Jersey Lawyers, have to undergo, and the expense of establishing and running an office in an Island like Jersey where there is a relatively high cost of living and, because it is a Finance centre, there is a premium on staff salaries. Andrew Begg & Co. can afford to be competitive, due to the smaller size of the firm and the thus reduced overheads. We use three different billing criteria:

Flat-rate fees

This is where a standard rate is charged to a client. An example would be Andrew Begg & Co.’s Will Service, where simple wills are charged at a flat rate.

Time-basis fees

This is where an hourly rate is charged to a client. This is the most common method of charging. In particular, it is used for Litigation cases, where it is impossible to predict how much time will be required to bring a matter to conclusion – because that partly depends on the conduct of the other side.

Percentage fees

This is where the client is charged on a percentage basis. For example, if a client is selling a house valued at £300,000, we will tend to charge a percentage of that value as our fee.

The aim of Andrew Begg & Co. is to provide a quality service, where the client comes first. This includes doing our utmost to keep your legal bills as manageable as possible. Below are some guidelines to help you get the most out of your time with us:

1. Gather relevant information before your meeting with us. Have with you (preferably in writing) all names, addresses and telephone numbers of people whom we may need to contact.

2. Bring letters, documents and other relevant paperwork to the meeting. Still better, send it to us beforehand so that we have an oppurtunity to consider it in advance of the meeting.
3. Write down any particular questions to which you may require answers.

4. Prepare notes with all events in chronological order.

Lastly, don’t hesitate to seek legal advice. All too often, people try to save legal fees by “doing it themselves”, only to spend far more money in legal fees, sorting out the problems later. Much legal documentation (e.g. Wills or Leases) are substantially in a standard form, which means that you will only be paying for “tailor making” that document to your requirements; you won’t be paying for that document to be drafted from scratch – unless, per chance, your situation is truly unique. See the “Contact Us” page for different methods of contact.

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