Our international services


You may be a non-Jersey resident or a professional acting for a non-Jersey resident who may require advice in relation to an Agreement which is governed by Jersey law. Jersey law has certain quirks (in particular, in Jersey, we don’t have “consideration”: we have “cause”). We can advise you on the more important issues arising out of an Agreement and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Debts & Disputes

 Often, problems arise which are all purely local. For instance, you might have a dispute with a Company overseas, have been involved in an accident overseas, be owed money overseas or own property overseas which you want to recover following the death of a relation. Andrew Begg & Co. has agents in other jurisdictions with whom we can put you in touch or with whom we can liaise on your behalf.

Intellectual Property

 You may be a lawyer representing a company which holds patents or trademarks throughout the world and you may wish to register those patents / trademarks in Jersey. We can attend to registration on your behalf.


You may be the Executor, heir or a family member of a non-Jersey resident or a professional acting for a non-Jersey resident who needs to apply for a Jersey Grant of Probate or a Jersey Grant of Letters of Administration in order to gain access to funds which the deceased owned in Jersey. We can assist in applying for the appropriate Grant.


If you’re not currently a Jersey resident, particular problems arise because of the restrictions on leasing and purchasing property in Jersey. We can advise you on these issues.


 If you’re not Jersey resident but have assets in Jersey, you may wish to make a Jersey Will. That is something that we can do for you and about which (more importantly) we can provide important advice.

What next?

If you wish to discuss something which concerns you, or simply wish to know more about our services, please write to, or call in at, 5 Britannia Place,
telephone us on 01534 734234, fax us on 01543 727272 or email us at absec@begg-law.com.