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Throughout ones life, it’s necessary to enter into agreements to regulate ones relationships with other people – for instance, Agreements between employers and employees; Agreements between partners; Option Agreements; Agreements to acquire a business or a property; Agreements setting out ones terms and conditions of business. We can prepare such Agreements for you or advise you on the implications of an agreement which has been presented to you for comment or signature.


International Aspects – You may be a non-Jersey resident or a professional acting for a non-Jersey resident who may require advice in relation to an Agreement which is governed by Jersey law. Jersey law has certain quirks (in particular, in Jersey, we don’t have “consideration”: we have “cause”). We can advise you on the more important issues arising out of an Agreement and help you avoid the pitfalls.

Business Set-up

Setting up and running your own business can be immensely rewarding. It can also be fraught with pitfalls. If you have just branched out on your own, or if you are contemplating such a step, we can advise on all aspects, including purchase or lease of premises, negotiating loans with banks or private lenders, applications to the Regulation of Undertakings Department and the desirability of forming a Company as a “vehicle” for the business, etc.

Certification of Documents

All banks and other financial institutions require clients to provide due diligence documentation – i.e. certified copies of passports, driving licences and utility bills. We provide a fast, efficient and cost competitive certification service.

Criminal Litigation

At some time or other, for whatever reason, you could find yourself on the wrong side of the law – and be on the receiving end of a Summons – be it for a parking offence or something more serious like DIC. Your first priority should be to speak to us. Not only is it your basic right: it’s an invaluable source of support at what can be a highly stressful time. If you are summonsed to appear in Court, we can represent you.

Debts and Disputes

It’s almost impossible to go through life without getting involved in some sort of dispute or other – whether it be over an amount of money owed, defective goods, lost property or problems with neighbours. Sometimes these disputes can be resolved by letter; sometimes they can be resolved by mediation or arbitration; and sometimes they need to be aired in Court. We can deal with all these aspects on your behalf.


International Aspects – Often, problems arise which are all purely local. For instance, you might have a dispute with a Company overseas, have been involved in an accident overseas, be owed money overseas or own property overseas which you want to recover following the death of a relation. Andrew Begg & Co. has agents in other jurisdictions with whom we can put you in touch or with whom we can liaise on your behalf.

Discrimination Law

The scope of Jersey Anti-Discrimination Laws is steadily increasing. Whether you want advice as to whether you have been discriminated against or whether you have been accused of discriminating or that you want to ensure to avoid discrimination, we can give you that advice.

Employment Law

Employment Law, with all its aspects, is of increasing importance in Jersey. We can advise you on the terms of a Contract of Employment (before the commencement of your employment, during employment or post employment) and / or the terms of a Compromise Agreement offered following the termination of a Contract of Employment; and on such issues as unfair dismissal and redundancy.

Family Matters

There can be few events as stressful as the breakdown of a marriage. We will advise you and give you the support you need. If reconciliation isn’t possible, we will help you through the divorce process, advising you on matters relating to maintenance, the division of property and care and control of, and access to, children.

Intellectual Property

How often have you said to somebody, “That’s a good idea! You ought to patent it”? Registering patents (i.e. inventions) is only one aspect of “intellectual property” upon which we can advise. Other examples are trademarks (i.e. use of trading names) and copyright (i.e. the rights of an author in an original literary or artistic work). Copyright is becoming increasingly important with the proliferation of computer technology.


International Aspects – You may be a lawyer representing a company which holds patents or trademarks throughout the world and you may wish to register those patents / trademarks in Jersey. We can attend to registration on your behalf.


If you hold, or wish to apply for, a liquor licence (i.e. a Licence to sell alcohol), we will give you the appropriate advice and make the necessary application on your behalf.

Personal Injury

If you have been involved in an accident, which isn’t your fault, you may be entitled to claim compensation for your injuries, loss of wages, damage to clothing, etc. Similarly, if you have trusted someone to do something for you and they have been negligent, you may be entitled to claim damages from them. Often, a claim can be made against an insurance company. We will advise you where you stand and, if necessary, pursue a claim on your behalf through the Royal Court or Petty Debts Court (as may be appropriate).


When somebody dies, it’s necessary to arrange for the transfer of their property to their heirs (where there is no Will) or to their beneficiaries (if there is a Will). In Jersey, the usual practice is to have two separate Wills: one dealing with Personal Estate (e.g. money, shares, furniture, etc.) and one dealing with real property (i.e. land and buildings). A Will of Realty needs to be registered in the Public Registry in order to transfer land or buildings to a beneficiary named in the Will. In the case of a Will dealing with personal estate, it’s necessary to make an application for Probate (or, where there is no Will, an application for Letters of Administration). The deceased’s relatives usually have quite enough to attend to without becoming involved in the nitty-gritty of such applications. We can attend to these formalities on your behalf.


International Aspects – You may be the Executor, heir or a family member of a non-Jersey resident or a professional acting for a non-Jersey resident who needs to apply for a Jersey Grant of Probate or a Jersey Grant of Letters of Administration in order to gain access to funds which the deceased owned in Jersey. We can assist in applying for the appropriate Grant.


Whether you are leasing or buying and whether your needs are personal or commercial, Andrew Begg & Co. can help you.

Rent increases, renewal of Leases, repair bills, problem tenants, harassment from landlords, options to purchase – options to buy – whether you are a landlord or a tenant, renting a property is full of potential problems, all of which we can attend to on your behalf. Needless to say, if you consult us before making decisions, we can help prevent such problems arising in the first place.

Buying a property can be particularly worrying, frustrating and time consuming. We can help take the worry out of moving and ensure that everything is watertight before you commit yourself to buying. We will carry out all necessary searches for you at the Public Registry, ensure that you have good title to the property and that all the appropriate permits have been obtained. We will also assist in arranging mortgages and insurance policies.


International Aspects If you’re not currently a Jersey resident, particular problems arise because of the restrictions on leasing and purchasing property in Jersey. We can advise you on these issues.

Service of Documents

If you require a notice, summons, or other process, to be served on a Jersey-resident person or company, we can attend to this on your behalf and provide the necessary Certificate or Affidavit of Service.


If you think you have nothing to leave in a Will, think again! Many people die without making one, not realising that any property (including cars, bank accounts and shares) can all be included. A Will enables you to specify precisely what you want to happen to your possessions and gives you peace of mind and your family, security. In your Will you can also say whether or not (for instance) you want to be cremated or buried, thus saving your family from agonising over something which is often not discussed.

If you are domiciled in Jersey and are married and/or have children, Jersey law as it stands requires you to leave certain portions of your personal estate to your spouse and children – whereas you are entitled to leave your realty (a house or land) to whomever you wish. Sometimes, it’s desirable to leave a house to one person (e.g. ones children) but with a life interest to another (e.g. ones spouse). The wording of a Will is extremely important because different words, and even different punctuation, can lead to a different interpretation.

International Aspects If you’re not Jersey resident but have assets in Jersey, you may wish to make a Jersey Will. That is something that we can do for you and about which (more importantly) we can provide important advice.

Witnessing Affidavits

We can witness Affidavits / Oaths for use in Jersey Courts and tribunals and for other purposes (e.g. Housing Applications)

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