A few kind words from some of the individuals and business we have worked with…

At this point in the proceedings I would like to express my sincere thanks for the excellent advice you have given me, and dogged persistence you have employed in getting to this result – I am fond of using the aphorism “it is 99% of lawyers that give the rest a bad name” – happily with A Begg I found someone in the 1%!!

– TS, Sydney, Australia

Thanks for the good news, and for your account, which I concur is reasonable and acceptable. May I again express my appreciation for the service which you have provided – In the (extremely unlikely) event that I am asked to recommend legal representation in Jersey, I will have no hesitation in promoting Andrew Begg”.

– TS, Syndey, Australia

“I would just like to put on record my sincere thanks for your diligence, speed, care, and for your humour and friendliness throughout our short journey towards Jersey Probate. You have explained all in simple terms, almost always by return, and totally eased our path at a difficult time for us as a family. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending your services at any time. I am sitting in a favourite restaurant, in the sun, under a clear blue sky, having a solitary lunch and glass of wine on the anniversary of a particularly sad, bad and difficult day which Dennis and I experienced here in Spain – you have just made it feel much better. Many, many thanks to you again, and I look forward to hearing from you further soon”.

– JM, Spain 29.09.18

“It was nice to finally meet you this week and I would just like to re-iterate my thanks to you for your time and assistance that you have given me. I appreciate that your time is valuable and my gratitude for that is unquestionable”.

– RF, Jersey, CI

“Thank you again for your assistance and efficient service and confirm that should I have any further Grants which require to be sealed in accordance with the Jersey law, I will send them on to you”..

– Vanderpump Sykes, Middlesex, England

“Thank you for all your help in sorting out everything for my mum. I am relieved that she is once again financially secure. You have been a star!”

– ED, Zimbabwe

“He is pleased with successful efforts you made on behalf of the estate and I wish to add my own thanks to you for your good work”.

– C Anthony Carroll Solicitors, Toronto, Canada

“Thank you for being so accommodating and finalising the paperwork so quickly for me, it was much appreciated”

– EL, Jersey, Channel Islands

“I cannot express in words how much your work means to me. £700 isn’t a lot when it’s put into rent and bills etc but it is a lot to lose. Needless to say the emotional abuse I have dealt with for a year has been enough to drive me to madness! From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much for this”.

– HW, Jersey, Channel Islands

“We are very pleased with your services and we thank you and your staff”.

– Mamas Hji Christofis, Larnaca, Cyprus

“Thank you so much. I’m honestly so relieved! I had a few tears in my eyes when I got that cheque!”

– HW, Jersey, Channel Islands

“Thanks again! You have been great to work with”


“… your Secretaries deserve a huge hoorah !! too, you have all been so thorough, so rapid with your responses, and so kind. I have had the misfortune to deal with a couple or so of Lawyers in my life – most have been extremely arrogant, always otherwise engaged or ‘in Court’ when needed, delaying the time factor, certainly without humour and sadly lacking in personality, expensive, and unfortunately not always correct in their advice at the end of the day !!!!! A Profession, until now, I have always tried to steer away from ! Andrew Begg & Co have certainly restored my faith in the Legal Profession and I wish to thank you all again for your support, and to wish you all the best for your future”.

– JM, Spain 29.09.18

“Thanks for all your help! If I am ever in Jersey I will most definitely pop in to say hello!”

– DW, Middlesex, England

“Once again, I would like to thank you for your assistance with this matter and I will be sure to be back in touch if we need any assistance with obtaining a Jersey grant of probate in future”.

– Dickinson Parker Hill Solicitors, Lancashire, England

“Once again very many thanks for your skilled and professional handling of the matter of our Wills. I would certainly look forward to meeting you should I have the good fortune of visiting Jersey again.”.

– ST, Cyprus

“We are very pleased with your services and we thank you and your staff”.

– Mamas Hji Christofis, Larnaca, Cyprus

“Thank you very much for your prompt action and all your help in resolving this matter. As the French process is moving at such a slow pace, it has been refreshing to deal with someone so helpful and clear about what needs to be done and when!”.

– AB, London

“Please let me take this opportunity to personally express my gratitude for your excellent and persistent efforts to carry this matter thru to completion”.

– Lipson Neilson, Michigan, USA

“Thank you sincerely for your co operation and efficiency in dealing with this matter. I would recommend Cork as a holiday destination we will guarantee a good time, let’s hope we will have business dealings again in the future”.

– Colm Burke Solicitors, Cork, Ireland

“I am much obliged for your attention in this matter, and on a very prompt basis”.

– JP, Essex, England

“Many thanks for your efficient handling of …….. Estate. I have received the transfers and look forward to meeting you – got the savvy in the chiller!””.

– Kinlock Quilter, New Zealand

“I wish you & your family a very Happy Easter break & thank you again for your professional assistance throughout. I will definitely recommend your services to any of my friends that require excellent legal advice”. 

– LT, Jersey, Channel Islands

“Once again, I would like to thank you for your assistance with this matter and I will be sure to be back in touch if we need any assistance with obtaining a Jersey grant of probate in future”.

– Dickinson Parker Hill Solicitors, Lancashire, England

“My wife ………. and the whole family has asked me to pass this message to you and your team. We greatly appreciate your service for our goal was achieved in whole”

– EN, Harare, Zimbabwe

“Thank you so much for your wonderful and prompt assistance”.

– CA, Cernobbio, Italy

“I would like to say that Mr Begg’s interest was in me and my family as a client, and not for fees. Mr Begg has been understanding and sympathetic in my case”.

– CS, Jersey, Channel Islands

“It was a great pleasure to use the services of Andrew Begg and Co. and I would like to compliment Mr. Andrew Begg and his staff, first of all, for their friendliness and secondly,  for their efficiency relating to my Will.  All questions and emails were answered immediately with clarity. Most impressive.”

– AMA, Cape Town, South Africa

“I have to inform you that we actually received the payment today from our customer …. Thank you for your friendliness and professionalism”.

– SL, Portugal

“With the help of Advocate Begg and his staff I have, just a week ago, received my compensation cheque which has finally enabled me to do what I want to do and leave the Island and live in England and get a job there”.

– JV, Jersey, Channel Islands

“I made an appointment to see Advocate Begg and straight away his staff were welcoming. The case was extremely complicated but he quickly grasped the facts. His advice was helpful and practical. He was supportive and sympathetic of the situation at hand. Following the first meeting he was readily available to help by telephone. He also responded quickly to e-mails. He was willing to visit me at home to save us time on journeying into town. He even kept in touch while away from the Islands at almost any hour. He issued regular interim fee notes and fully justified them and gave full details of what he had done for me. More recently he visited me in hospital to take instructions to keep the case active. To sum up, I have a high regard for Andrew”.

– CB, Jersey, Channel Islands

“It is with grateful thanks that due to Advocate Begg compassion, understanding and hard work, that he obtained the outcome that I wished for.

 Should anyone ask, I would have no hesitation in recommending Advocate Begg in future”.

– JB, Jersey, Channel Islands

“We have been delighted with your professionalism and assistance in this matter and are happy with your account and statement, both of which are approved”.

– Hill Lee & Scott Solicitors, Christchurch, England

“Many thanks for your assistance with this particular matter and no doubt there will be occasions in future for me to revert back to you and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for the assistance you have provided us with”.

– Dickinson Parker Hill Solicitors, Lancashire, England

“There’s a long-established firm of lawyers in my native city called X, which, after bruising encounters, we have called it Delay, Worry and Expense. None of these problems with you! Replies from you within minutes, or at the very least the same day; full and courteous explanations, and entirely reasonable fees. Many thanks indeed for all you’ve done for us. I’m very glad we used you”.

– MB, Oxfordshire, England

I cannot tell you enough how enjoyable it has been to deal with you, efficiency-wise as well as for your style and humour; if ever I visit Jersey, be sure I will knock on your office’s door to pay my respects, and for a pint too !”.

– Jean-Francois Dugas – Notaire, Quebec

“Thank you very much and bravo for your excellent work!”.

– Jean-Francois Dugas – Notaire, Quebec

“Thanks Andrew, I can see why you come highly recommended”.

– DH, Jersey, Channel Islands

“Finally, you have been more therapeutic than any doctor and I shall be eternally grateful for your support and honesty”.

– DH, Jersey, Channel Islands

“May I just say that I am very grateful for your help and support in this; It was a great pleasure dealing with you”

– W PLC : 14th June 2016 : England

“I would sincerely like to thank you for all the work and effort applied on my behalf and for waiving a great majority of your fee, I am not only happy with your work but ecstatic and when everything has been finalised I may be able to get a good night’s sleep”

– JT : 6th September 2016 : England

“Thank you so much for your advice and help, I have settled the account in full, bank transfer. Your understanding and compassion helped me to process my anger and disappointment”.

– MP : 7th October 2016 : Jersey

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